The most difficult challenge in weight reduction is activating inactive fat cells. The majority of available weight reduction methods, whether practiced in a club or an expensive clinic, do not remove fat from inactive fat cells. The reason is simple: around inactive fat cells the micro-flow of body-fluids is obstructed.

Liposuction is a rather coarse treatment by which fat cells with fat and all are removed. As cell tissue is removed, it results in a clear decrease of girth. It requires anesthesia and is highly invasive, as well as being expensive . The procedure can result in bruises and after-pain. Some people experience loose skin either because the (now removed) fat had over- stretched the skin or because the skin looses elasticity with age. In these cases the excess skin can be surgically removed later. This is called “thigh lift” and “abdominal reduction”

There is a different method called Electrolipolysis:

  • No Pain
  • No anesthesia
  • No bruises
  • Amazing results!!!

Electro-Lipolysis , being almost painless, does not require anesthesia. There is a distinction between lipolysis equipment for adhesive pads and equipment for both needle-electrodes and pads. The treatment with subcutaneous (beneath the skin) acupuncture fine needle-electrodes is an operative medical action; it requires the appropriate medical qualifications. Manufacturers of lipolysis equipment are: Sedatelec (with “Lipoclear”), Schwa-Medico (with “Cellu ##”), Esma –Medico (Profi) Sorisa/Sormedic (with “Lipodren”) and many others.

We are offer ESMA- Medico (Profi)

Electro-Lipolysis, by insignificantly small currents, releases fat (Lipos) in inactive Adipose-cells which are conveyed, or “drained,” as smaller molecules through lymphatic and vascular systems. The micro-currents run between needles that are inserted precisely where a figure-correction is planned. Depending on the type of equipment, four to ten skin areas can be treated simultaneously.

The connective tissue just below the skin contains few sensory nerves. In this tissue long thin needles are inserted parallel to the skin. These needles need not to be hollow, thus are thinner than the thinnest hypodermic needles; one only feels the perforation of the skin for an instant.

A typical Electrolipolysis treatment involves four phases: relaxation, stimulation, lipolysis and lymphatic drainage action. The result can be noticed at once: at the abdomen 1 to 1½ cm after one treatment; at the thighs 1 cm circumference per treatment — depending on the individual, this can accumulate to 7 to 8 cm (singularmeasurement) after a series of treatments.

Some clients need “servicing” once or twice a year after one “overhaul” of 6 to 8 treatments to stabilize the result.

Description of an Electro Lipolysis Session

A session demands about 1½ hours. During the first phase the micro-currents are adjusted so as to reactivate the circulation around the adipose-cells, by acting upon the capillary vessels and by interaction with the ion-balance. The hormonal system 12 ) for the production of the fat-conversion enzyme is also activated.

In the second phase, the micro-currents stimulate the fibres in the connective tissue under the skin where the fat has been to promote recovery of the elasticity of the skin.

Phases 1 and 2 require the same needle positions, but with different micro- currents.

After completion of the lipolysis process adhesive pads are positioned at the legs for the third phase.

This is brought about by a software program. The respective leg muscles are rhythmically strained and restrained in the correct order so that a “pumping action” results to effectuate drainage. Many people like this sensation. The session proceeds very quietly, while clients often are reading.

Treatments are repeated at one-week intervals.

The Electrolipolysis method may be combined with the HCG-method. Electro- lipolysis reactivates the inactive fat cells (the fat will be redistributed only), whereupon HCG stimulates the burning of the fat, resulting in weight reduction.


Electrolipolysis is contraindicated for persons who are pregnant, use a pacemaker or have epilepsy.

Care is taken with clients with a metal prothesis. In case of a hip-joint prothesis, for instance, the layout of the electrodes is chosen so that the resulting electric field between the electrodes will be widely spaced from the metal. If necessary the electrodes distance can be decreased with adapted lower voltage (same micro-current).

Apart from these reservations, everyone — men and women — can be treated without contraindication.


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